If your profile is linked to Facebook, Google or iCloud, you can always get access to it by connecting to the appropriate account.

If your profile disappears from your device, please follow the instructions below to regain access to it:

  • For Google or iCloud, the process is simple. Simply start the Battle Legion app when you are connected to the iCloud or Google account that contains your profiles. All of your linked profiles should be visible after you start the app.
    • On Android, make sure that the Google account that contains your profile is set as the default Google Account for Google Play Games. Instructions for checking which account is in use here.
    • On iOS, make sure that your are signed in to iCloud, and that the iCloud account in use is the one containing your profile. Instructions from Apple Support here.
  • For Facebook, make sure you are connected to your Facebook account that contains the profile. Then open the Battle Legion app, tap settings and the 'Disconnected' status under Facebook.
    • After this, you will get a dialogue to choose your Facebook linked profile.
      • Be very careful when doing this! If you choose the current profile, the Facebook link to your previous profile will be lost, and your current profile will be linked to Facebook.
      • If you want to load the cloud save, make sure to select the saved profile.

If your account was saved locally in device memory only or you've deleted your account; unfortunately there is no way for you to recover the account. However, you can contact our support team. If we can authenticate you and validate account ownership, we can return access to your account.

If you've lost access to your Facebook, Google or iCloud account, please get in touch with Facebook, Google or Apple support.