In Battle Legion, Commanders have access to Daily and Weekly Quests and Achievements. Achievements and Quests can be accessed from the Quest Hub marked by an exclamation mark icon, at the bottom left of the main menu.

Quests can include objectives in different game modes and Events. Most Quests, for example ‘Kill 100 Enemy Units’, can be completed in any game mode. Quests must be completed within their time limit. The time remaining for a Quest is shown underneath the Daily and Weekly tabs. Once completed, Quests will grant Commanders a reward, which can include Season Path XP, Gold, Power Stones and Artifact Fragments. When Commanders complete a Quest, they will receive a notification at the bottom of their screen.

Daily and Weekly Quests have an additional Reward Chest system, which can reward up to 5 Quest Reward Chests for both Daily and Weekly and Quests. Points are earned as Quests are completed and Chests are unlocked for every 20 points earned. Once a Quest has been completed, it will be reset after the Quest timer has finished.

Achievements are long term milestones and feats of strength that can take Commanders a considerable amount of time to complete. Achievements are not restricted by time. Achievements reward Commanders with Gold, Gems or Cosmetics.


Elite Era Title Quest (Elite Commander)

The Elite Era Title (unique for every Era) Quest can be found from the Quest section under Events.

To earn the Elite Era Title, a Commander has to reach the top of the leaderboard, the #1 position, in the second week of one of the Seasons of the Era.

The Elite Era Title can be upgraded with a unique color and border flare by reaching the top position in multiple Seasons of an Era, giving the title a more prestigious look for every additional Season.