In Battle Legion, some units can spawn units through various abilities. These units include but are not limited to Spider Nest, Battlewagon, Deathknight, Blessed Bombot and Earth Elemental. In this article, the original unit is called a 'parent' and the spawned units 'children'.

Any Powerstones used on a parent unit will only affect said unit. Any spawned children will not receive or inherit the Powerstones powers. The one exception here is Blessed Bombot, units revived by it do retain their Powerstones, but not the ones equipped by the Blessed Bombot.

If a parent unit is Mind Controlled, in other words has turned purple and is temporarily working for the enemy, any children spawned will assume the allegiance the parent has at the time of spawning. For example, if an Earth Elemental was under Mind Control at the time it was defeated, the resulting children it spawns will be permanently on the enemies side. Another example would be, all the spiders a Spider Nest spawns while Mind Controlled will be enemy spiders.