The Battle Legion Journey is a single player experience that is available to all Commanders after reaching Rank 2. Journey levels contain special rewards that are awarded for successful completion of a battle. These rewards are typically Gold or Unit Shards.

Commanders should note that Journey progression does not grant progress in the Rank or Season Paths. Rewards awarded from Journey battles can be used in PvP  and vice versa, however.

To battle in the Journey, Commanders will need to navigate to the Journey tab, below the Settings menu on the top right. Once there, tapping the available level node in the Journey Map will bring Commanders to the next Journey battle, where the level’s enemy army can be seen. As opposed to PvP battles, players can modify their layout prior to engaging in battle. Commanders have access to one army slot, where Units can be placed to counter the enemy army. More army power is unlocked as the Journey progresses.

At the end of Journey Chapters there are Boss Levels that are considerably more difficult than the subsequent standard levels. The Journey’s World Map, giving a wide view of the Journey, can be accessed from the Map icon in the top left of the screen.