Clan creation costs 250 Gems. Commanders need to be Rank 6 to create a Clan.

During Clan creation players can decide the following:

  • Clan Name
  • Clan Tag (2-3 character Clan abbreviation)
  • Clan Location (Country)
  • Clan Banner (Image representing the Clan)
  • Join Type
    • Open; anyone can join the clan.
    • Apply; players send an application which is approved or denied.
    • Invitation; Players must be invited to the Clan.
    • Closed; clan membership is closed; no players can join.
  • Requires (Member Requirement)
    • Minimum Rank required to join.
    • Minimum rating required to join..

After a Clan has been created, these attributes can be edited (changing the Clan Name or Tag costs Gems). The Clan description can also be edited from the 'Edit' menu, which is useful for recruiting new members.