What are Clan Raids?

In Clan Raids, Clans battle a powerful Boss and its horde of enemies in the Void. Each Raid Boss has unique abilities, immunities, win conditions and accompanying minions. Commanders must defeat the Boss within the allotted time for the encounter to damage the Boss. A Raid Boss has a total of 100 Life. Every time a Clan member defeats the encounter, one Life is removed and the Heart of the Boss weakens. Once the Boss is left with 0 Life, its Heart is destroyed and the participating Clan defeats the Clan Raid encounter. Players can continue to attack the Raid Boss to improve their Top 10 score and position in the Clan Leaderboard, even if the Raid Boss has lost all lives.

Once the allotted time for the Clan Raid ends, Commanders will be given a reward proportionate to their participation in battling the Raid Boss. Each Boss is available for 48 hours, after which it will be replaced by a new encounter after a cool down period of 24 hours.

Bosses are rated in difficulty with a Star Rating. The easiest Bosses have a Star Rating of 1 and the most difficult ones have a 10 Star Rating.

Clans are given a Clan Raid Rating after a Raid encounter. Clans can increase their Clan Raid Rating by defeating Clan Raid encounters. Clan Raid Rating will enable Clans to progress to more difficult and rewarding Raids.

Portal Keys

The Void, where Clan Raids take place, is accessed with Portals, that Commanders use to teleport their armies to the Raid Boss and its minions.

Players receive one Portal Key every four hours for a maximum of three at any one time. With the cool down period between Clan Raids, players will always have three Portal Keys with which to commence battle. Players can also purchase Premium Portal Keys from the in-game shop.


Artifacts are powerful relics that Commanders can use to enhance their armies. Please check the Artifacts article here for further information.


Commanders can temporarily enhance the power of their Raid army with up to three Elixirs, more information in the linked article.