What is the Bounty Hunters' Guild?

The Bounty Hunters' Guild is an event where Commanders hunt down rogue units on the run. Commanders can access the Bounty Hunter's Guild from the Bounty Hunter's Register in the Events tab. This opens up the Bounty Board, where Commanders can choose from a maximum of 3 available Contracts to pursue.

Bounty Hunter's Journey

At the bottom of the Bounty Board, Commanders can tap on the Bounty Map, which shows the Contract locations available for the Bounty Hunters' Guild event. To progress on their Bounty Hunter's Journey, Commanders will need to complete Bounty Hunter Contracts until they've amassed enough Bounty XP to progress on to the next location. The map also shows the rewards for completing a location, these rewards improve for each subsequent locale, with the last area offering the best rewards.


When tapping on the 'Battle' button for a Contract, Commanders will get to choose and compose their Army and send it out to hunt down the units for the Contract. Each Contract offers Commanders Bounty XP as well as an additional reward of resources (Gold , Gems, Eternite or Bonus XP) when completed. As Contracts take more than one Battle to complete in most cases, the Auto-Spin feature is available for the event.

  • Once a Contract is completed, it will take some time for the Guild to issue Commanders a new Contract. Commanders can choose to skip this waiting period by paying a tithe of Gems or by watching an ad.
  • Contracts can award a wide array of rewards and vary in difficulty and duration, Commanders should take this into consideration when choosing the units they wish to hunt.
  • Commanders do not need to win Battles to complete Contract objectives.