Auto-Spins enable players to let their army fight successive battles automatically. Auto-Spins are obtained from Auto-Spin Tokens, which players from receive the Auto-Spin Token Barrel located in the Battle tab. The maximum amount of Auto-Spin Tokens a Commander can have is 200.

The Auto-Spin Token Barrel grants players Auto-Spin Tokens when emptied and holds up to 50 Auto-Spin Tokens. Once a player empties the barrel, the Auto-Spin Tokens regenerate at a steady rate. Auto-Spin Tokens can also be purchased from the in-game Shop with Gems.

To enable the Auto-Spin feature, simply tap on the circular Auto-Spin button at the bottom right of your screen. Once enabled, your army will automatically fight consecutive battles, as long as you have Auto Spin Tokens available and the app is in active use.

The Auto-Spin button can be disabled and enabled during a battle. The Auto-Spin feature is disabled after earning the 15 Victory Points required to open a Wagon or reaching a Rank Path Step.