Wagons are containers that players can open to claim rewards. Wagons grant players randomized Unit Shards, Eternite and Gold based on the type of Wagon.

The in-game Shop has various types of Wagons for sale, which can be purchased with Gems or opened as a daily reward. Wagons are also included in many bundles as rewards.

Camp Wagons can be found in the 'Battle' tab, in a player's Camp. There are three Camp Wagon slots, which will feature a rotation of SmallMedium (unlocked at Rank 2) and Large (unlocked at Rank 6) Wagons.

Once a Camp Wagon is opened, the Wagon slot will be left empty, until a player obtains 15 Victory Points to earn a Wagon. Once this is done, the Wagon becomes available for unlocking. It takes time to unlock a Wagon. At Rank 12 and above it takes Small Wagons 4 hours, Medium Wagons 8 hours and Large Wagons 12 hours to unlock. Players can use Gems to skip the unlock timer at any point to claim and open the Camp Wagon immediately.

Players can also receive Seasonal Wagons as Seasonal Rewards from the Season Path and Camp Wagons as Rank Path rewards.

The contents of Wagons are dependent on the Rank of the player for most Wagon types. The amount of resources and Unit Shard rewards increase based on player rank.