Units are placed on the Battlefield by players to compose an army. Units can be dragged and dropped to the battlefield from the Army tab. To assign a unit to an army, simply tap on the Unit and hold to drag it to the desired position. To remove a unit from the battlefield, tap on it, hold and drag it to the right side of the screen.

Units need to be deployed before they can be added to your army. To deploy a Unit, simply tap on the Unit type in the Unit tab, and then tap the specific Unit you want to deploy. Deploying a Unit requires Unit Shards and Gold. There is a small 'plus' icon next to a deployable Unit, if the icon is not visible, there aren't enough resources to deploy the unit. Commanders can choose to only display Units they have access to in the Army menu, by tapping on hide 'Hide locked units' checkbox.

Units vary in power dependent on their level. When you deploy a new unit, it starts off at level 1, and you can use Gold and Unit Shards to level up units up to level 15. Upgrading Units requires Gold and Unit Shards, the cost of the upgrades increase along with the Unit level. When a unit is upgradeable, a green upward point arrow icon is visible in the Unit portrait. If you don't see the upgrade icon, you do not have enough resources to upgrade the unit. The amount of Unit Shards in a player's inventory can be seen in a small progress bar at the bottom of each Unit portrait.

Units can be enhanced with Powerstones. Powerstones can enhance a Unit's defense, movement, attack or unique ability. Units can have up to three Powerstone Slots, which are unlocked at level 4, 8 and 12. Powerstones are tied to an Era, after an Era ends, all Powerstones will be removed from player inventories and a new, unique pool of Powerstones will become available.