Artifacts are an upgrade system that allows Commanders to enhance their army. Once fitted to an Artifact Slot, Artifacts change the way a Commander’s army works, granting units additional powers or changing the way specific mechanics or units function. Artifacts come in three rarities: common, rare, mythic; and can only be equipped in Artifact Slots that can house the rarity type of the Artifact.

Artifacts can be found from the Artifact tab in the Army editor after they’ve been acquired, this is where Commanders can also upgrade and Attune Artifacts.

Artifacts are collected from Raids, they cannot be purchased or received as rewards from other game modes or reward sources.

Artifact Fragments can be earned from Raids, purchased in the in-game Shop or received as rewards from Quests.

Artifact Fragments

Artifact Fragments are resources that are used to upgrade artifacts. There are three types of Artifact Fragments; Blue, Green and Red. Artifact Fragments can be earned from Raids, purchased in the in-game Shop or received as rewards from Quests.

Primary Effects

Artifacts have a primary effect that can affect a Commander’s entire army, but can sometimes have a more specific effect that can affect attack types or unit conditions and factions. All primary Artifact effects contain two parameters that will upgrade separately based on the Artifact’s tier and tier level.

Secondary Effects and Artifact Attunement

Once an Artifact has been Ascended at least once, it can be Attuned by using Artifact Fragments and Gold. Attuning an Artifact will grant it a secondary effect with randomized values. Attunements can be re-rolled by spending additional Artifact Fragments and Gold. Once a Commander has rolled an Attunement, they can choose to either keep the old Attunement or accept the newly Attuned values. New Attunement slots are unlocked by increasing the Ascension Level of an Artifact.


Artifact Levels

Artifacts can be leveled up using Artifact Fragments. When Commanders level up an Artifact, a parameter from the primary effect of the Artifact will be increased. Each Ascension Level of an Artifact includes 10 Artifact Levels. To be able to Ascend an Artifact, the Artifact needs to be fully leveled up. Each Artifact requires a specific Artifact Fragment type for leveling, either Blue, Green or Red.


Artifact Ascension

Artifacts can be Ascended by using duplicates of an Artifact, once the Artifact Level of an Artifact has been fully upgraded. Ascending an Artifact will increase the Ascension Level of an Artifact. Ascension Levels improve the primary effect of an Artifact and enable the unlocking of Attunement slots.


Artifact Slots

There are three slots, one for each rarity, a player can only have one Artifact of each rarity type equipped at a time.

Artifact Slot        Rarity

        Unlock Rank

1st                        Common


2nd                        Rare


3rd                        Mythic