When you start playing Battle Legion, your game is automatically linked to either Google Play or iCloud if you are using these accounts. The app will ask for permission to utilize the accounts when you run it for the first time. If you agree, and grant the app the appropriate permissions, any profiles you create in the game are automatically saved to your iCloud or Google Play account. You can create multiple profiles with the same Google Play or iCloud account.

  • Additionally, you can choose to link a profile to Facebook. This is something that is required to use the same profile on both iOS and Android.
  • To keep your account secure, we recommend setting up two-factor authentication for your Google and iCloud accounts.

If you do not link to any of the above options, your account and profile information is only stored locally on your device, and not saved in the cloud. Any device-only accounts are not recoverable, if you lose access to the device in question, or delete the device data.

Accounts can be deleted from the 'Change Profile' button in the Settings menu. Once you tap on a different profile, you can:

  • 'Confirm' to change to that account
  • 'Back' to cancel the transaction and return to the previous menu
  • 'Delete' to remove the account from your device
    • A confirm dialogue will follow. If you choose 'Yes', the account will be permanently deleted.
    • Currently, Facebook links are not removed when deleting an account.

Deleted accounts function like local, non-linked, accounts. These accounts are not recoverable.