With real money, you can purchase Gem Bundles, which contain a set amount of Gems. Gems are the premium currency of Battle Legion.

The Offers section of the shop contains Offers, which include a combination of items, including Wagons, Unit Shards, cosmetics and resources. The Premium Season Pass is also purchased from the Offers tab of the shop, offering excellent value, if the Season Path is completed. Offers are purchased with real money.

With Gems, you can purchase Wagons that contain Unit Shards and Era based Powerstones to enhance your Units. Bonus XP, Auto-Spin Tokens, Eternite and Gold can also be purchased from the Resources section of the Shop using Gems.

In the Cosmetics section of the Shop, Cosmetics Wardrobes can be purchased with Eternite. These include randomized cosmetic items, including Portraits, Skins and Battlefields.

When playing the game, players can come across Royal Shipments when actively spinning. Royal Shipments contain a mixture of different items. Some shipments can be claimed for free, others require you to watch an ad and some Royal Shipments cost Gems or real money.