The Season Pass is Battle Legion's seasonal player progression system, that offers two tracks, the free and the Premium track. The Season Pass rewards players with Eternite, Powerstones, Gems, Gold and Unit Shards. The Premium Season Pass offers unique rewards like cosmetic rewards, Wagons and gives the player excellent value for money and considerably higher rewards than the free Season Pass.

The Season Pass requires that players complete the Season Path to receive the available rewards. The Season Path offers multiple steps for players to complete, with unique rewards for the free and premium track for each step. Progress is obtained from XP, which Commanders receive when they are victorious in a battle.

Players can purchase and utilize Bonus XP to make the completion of the pass quicker. With every victory, players will receive additional XP, if they have Bonus XP available.

The Season Pass rewards are unique for every Season. The Premium Season Pass purchase gives players access to the ongoing Season's Premium Season Pass and must be purchased separately for every Season. The Premium Season Pass offers unique rewards and excellent value for money if completed.