Don’t worry, all progress and purchases will not reset or disappear. To ensure that your game account(s) is safe and secure please link it to your Google or Apple account.

Important update!
There is an issue currently preventing new links to Apple. The steps below will not help in this current situation. We are working with Apple to resolve this situation and will have an update as soon as possible. If possible, please link to Facebook. If Facebook is not an option for you, please try not to uninstall the game until you have received the update and been able to link to your Apple account.

To check that your account(s) is linked, open the in-game ‘Settings’ menu and make sure that the buttons below “Facebook” and/or “Sign in with Google/Apple”, are green and say “Connected”. If they are not, then simply tap on the “Connect” button and wait for it to turn green. If the “Connected” button does not remain green, please follow the instructions in this article.

Also, we highly recommend additionally linking your account to Facebook.

If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact Player Support using the speech bubble at the top right corner of this screen.